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We will publish your book and pay you a royalty

     Morgan Online Media LLC offers authors an easy, affordable and professional alternative to traditional publishing and self-publishing: Boutique online micro publishing. We publish books by new authors.

     Before the turn of the century, the publishing industry was focused on printing and selling books. It's still cheaper to print a thousand books at once than one book at a time, but if the book isn't financially successful, bookstores won't stock it and a publisher could end up with large inventory of unsold stock. Businesses need to profit from their investments. Major publishers with shareholders to please are understandably reluctant to take chances on new authors if the book is anything short of fantastic or shows real financial promise.

     New advances in print-on-demand technology allow for the affordable printing of a single copy whenever a customer orders a paperback title online or in a real bookstore. Print on demand is ideal for new authors and authors of genre books with a narrow audience. Getting your books into physical book stores is another matter.

     Likewise, book store owners want to stock books they know they can sell and are understandably hesitant to stock books by new authors. Many successful authors do book signings at book stores to boost sales and publicity.

     The Internet has changed the game, along with e-reader tablet devices like the Kindle Fire, NOOK and iPad. New authors can get their work listed alongside bestsellers in online bookstores, and customers can buy, download and start reading virtually any book in the world in a matter of minutes. There is a steep learning curve to self-publishing online and no limit to the amount you can spend paying others to help you. With the right amount of computer and business savvy and an unlimited patience for mind-numbing formatting, new authors can add their own masterpieces to the massive, churning sea of e-books for sale, possibly for very little money.

Publishing a book on the Internet is "easy"

     If you’re a do-it-yourselfer with moderate computer skills and you don't think you need help with your novel, we suggest you start by doing some research on the biggest fish out there: Morgan Online Media LLC was fiercely independent when we began publishing e-books in 2011 but realized over time that most readers prefer to shop for and purchase books at bookstores, either online or in person. We began wholesaling our electronic book titles to Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Apple iTunes, as well as a handful of book stores in Washington state for our paperback versions. Amazon took over their printing affiliate CreateSpace so now Amazon can offer books in paperback format in addition to e-books.

     There are some things we think you should know about self-publishing with Amazon. First of all is that they are a mega online retail supercenter and your book is one item among ten million others for sale. Professional editing, proof-reading, cover design and marketing tools are available for a substantial fee. After you format your book to satisfy their specifications, Amazon will then take 30 percent of every sale. Now you can sit back and watch the money roll in, right?

     Getting your self-published book listed in other physical and online bookstores can be challenging, as most require an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and have their own special formatting requirements. Bowker Identifier Services provides single and bulk ISBNs in the U.S., but they are not cheap. These other bookstores also won't help with editing, design or any of the myriad of little problems that come up when transferring coded files to new formats. Most online bookstores seem to prefer to deal with publishers rather than new, undiscovered authors.

Morgan Online Media LLC can help

     Morgan Online Media was founded by John Morgan in April 2011 to help new authors get their work published at no cost and avoid the headaches of self-publishing. We love doing this and are looking for more books to publish. By being a boutique micro publisher, Morgan Online Media LLC is able to publish new titles by undiscovered authors at a fraction of the expense and financial risk of traditional publishers.

     Our authors are charged nothing to get published and receive a royalty when someone purchases their e-book online. We do all the technical stuff so authors can focus on writing.

     In exchange for the copyright permission to sell your work, we will proofread and edit your work, design a snappy book cover and promotional website, provide a unique ISBN identifier, and act as an intermediary with third party retailers to make your title available for sale in several major online bookstores in more than 50 countries, including Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes and Google Play. Popular titles may be eligible to become a paperback book through print-on-demand services, in which case we will provide a barcode and additional ISBNs. We will help you market and promote your work and increase your sales. We will do the dirty formatting and coding work and gently prod authors to avoid delays and make deadlines. We pay authors a royalty of $1.00 per sale for the first 50 sales, then $2.00 per sale thereafter.

     But that's not the only option: We can pay you, or you can pay us.

     We can also provide these and other design services for a flat rate of $100 an hour, if you prefer to keep the copyright to your work. See our frequently asked questions below.

     We want the books and e-books published by Morgan Online Media to be successful and be available to a wide range of audiences. We want people to get hooked on reading. We want writers and poets and dreamers to unleash their imaginations and share their wild and crazy stories with the world. If it’s a good story, we’ll edit and publish it for free. If it’s a great story, it could be one of the few books a year that becomes a best-seller and an Internet sensation. By making our e-books available in major bookstores and marketing them on popular search engines and social networks, the potential audience for each work is hugely amplified.

     To be considered for publication, send a formal proposal of your finished manuscript to Morgan Online Media LLC at or snail mail your proposal to Morgan Online Media LLC, P.O. Box 550, Toledo, WA 98591, U.S.A.

     Our editorial team will review submissions and notify the authors of our interest to publish. Once we agree to a publishing contract, our editors will help the author fine-tune their cover, story structure, grammar and punctuation. In some cases, we may ask the author to “take another crack at” their work prior to acceptance, rather than use a heavy editing hand and risk changing the author’s voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of e-books do you e-publish?

A. Morgan Online Media LLC will consider work from all genres, including but not limited to fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, romance novels, screenplays, business or technical manuals, academic writings, poetry collections and travel guides.


Q. How do I get my manuscript e-published?

A. Send us a formal proposal for publication and your finished manuscript, preferably a “final draft” version that has been through several edits and peer workshops. Our editors will read your manuscript and prepare it for electronic publication. Once your manuscript has been accepted, author and publisher must agree to a legal contract. In some cases, Morgan Online Media LLC may require authors to make substantial revisions before a work is accepted.


Q. Who holds the copyright?

A. Morgan Online Media LLC seeks to legally acquire the copyright to all material that appears on this website.


Q. Why do you want my copyright?

A. Worldwide electronic and print distribution rights allow us to legally market and sell your work for you through third-party resellers. This includes the manuscript text, cover design and any related photos or illustrations. Without this ownership, we can't sell your work or pay you a royalty. We also provide protection for copyright infringement.


Q. Do I have to be the author of a story submission?

A. Yes. In order to be considered, all work must be the original creation of the author or authors submitting the work, and must not have been previously published elsewhere.


Q. Is there a story-length requirement to be considered for an e-book?

A. No, but all e-books should generally aim for a target of between 200 to 400 pages, similar in size and length to a paperback novel, or between 80,000 and 120,000 words.


Q. How much does it cost to get e-published?

A. We will do all the editing and publishing at no charge to the author. In addition, Morgan Online Media LLC will also market and distribute our titles at no additional cost to the author.


Q. How much will I get paid?

A. Authors will be paid a percentage of every e-book that sells. For instance, if an e-book title sells for $5.99, the author will receive a royalty of $1.00 for every copy sold for the first 50 copies. Once a title exceeds 50 sales, it becomes a best-seller and the author’s royalty doubles to $2.00 for every copy sold thereafter, a very generous 33 percent.


Q. When do authors get paid?

A. Authors typically receive their royalty check within 60 days of the date of sale.


Q. Will my book be available as an audio book?

A. We don't have any audio books yet but will consider it on a case-by-case basis.


Q. How are you different than other publishers? Why should I e-publish through you, rather than a traditional publishing company?

A. As a micro publisher, Morgan Online Media LLC is able to adapt to the rapidly changing publishing landscape. A traditional book publisher must justify the expense of printing, warehousing and distributing a new title, making it far less likely to publish work from new and unknown authors. Our mission is to provide a venue to help new authors get discovered.


Q. Will my book ever be printed in a traditional fashion?

A. If a title sells enough electronic copies, it may be considered for broader distribution, including paperback via print-on-demand services. Morgan Online Media LLC holds the copyright to all its e-publications and retains the option to publish in different media, including traditional printing. Authors considered for publication in other formats beyond an e-book will be contacted prior to such publication and must agree to a new contract.


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