How do you choose the right agency?

A great website is just the beginning

     Today's smartphone-carrying, techno-savvy shoppers will check the Internet before they leave the house, check it again from the road and even check their smartphones while visiting your store. These days a website is an important part of getting a new small business started. Morgan Online Media is here to help you with your small business website as well as creating a professional logo, business cards, business e-mail and even social media marketing. There are many free website starter kits out there like Weebly, Wix and WordPress, but there can be a steep learning curve and a lot of frustrating technical formatting and troubleshooting involved in carrying out a seemingly simple task. Sometimes even nice-looking template websites can get buggy after a few months if they weren't designed to be bug-proof.

     If you're too busy running your own business to create and maintain a website, consider hiring a local web design expert to do the job for you. We highly recommend checking out their portfolio of past and current design products to make sure they have the necessary hardware, software and experience to do the job right.

If your website does not change, your visitors

will have no reason to keep coming back

     Some professional web designers think of their work as a one-time job. Once the website is launched, their work is done and the website becomes the responsibility of the business owner. We have found there is a growing expectation among many business owners that their website should continue to not only function but look great and reflect their changing business needs, long after the initial design phase.

     We think of website design and hosting as a long-term, continuous working relationship, not a one-time fling. We believe a website should grow and change along with your business or it will seem outdated after a while and your visitors will have no reason to keep coming back.

     Just as every business is different with unique customers and goals, we believe every website should be custom-tailored to suit the needs of its particular audience. We are proud to offer our web-design services at a competitive rate of $50 per hour (plus tax) and we also provide complimentary e-mail and web hosting services if needed.

     Check out some examples of our work by clicking on the links below. Morgan Online Media did the initial website design for these business and continues to keep their websites and social media channels looking fresh from day to day or month to month. The Toledo School District and Gallery 505 keep their websites current so there is always something new to see, Gee Cee's keeps their fuel prices and menu items up to date, the Morgan Arts Centre has new events throughout the year, the Lewis County Tribune is always changing to share news on local news happenings, the Toledo Lions Club is a useful source for information about Toledo events and the Pacific Northwest Book Review reviews books about the Pacific Northwest or by Pacific Northwest authors.

     We also design newspaper advertisements for these businesses, market new content and promote upcoming events on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+, we create promotional videos and we can organize crowdfunding campaigns. Every website has different needs and deserves individual attention. Contact us today to see if we can help.

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