Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What kind of e-books do you e-publish?

A. Morgan Online Media will consider work from all genres, including but not limited to fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, romance novels, screenplays, business or technical manuals, academic writings, poetry collections and travel guides.


Q. How do I get my manuscript e-published?

A. Send us a formal proposal for publication and your finished manuscript, preferably a “final draft” version that has been through several edits and peer workshops. Our editors will read your manuscript and prepare it for e-publication. Once your manuscript has been accepted, author and publisher must agree to a legal contract. In some cases, Morgan Online Media may require authors to make substantial revisions before a work is accepted.


Q. Who holds the copyright?

A. Morgan Online Media seeks to legally acquire the copyright to all material that appears on this website.


Q. Why do you want my copyright?

A. Worldwide electronic and print distribution rights allow us to legally market and sell your work for you through third-party resellers. Without that permission, we can't sell your work or pay you a royalty.


Q. Do I have to be the author of a story submission?

A. Yes. In order to be considered, all work must be the original creation of the author or authors submitting the work, and must not have been previously published elsewhere.


Q. Is there a story-length requirement to be considered for an e-book?

A. No, but all e-books should generally aim for a target of between 200 to 400 pages, similar in size and length to a paperback novel, or between 80,000 and 120,000 words.


Q. How much does it cost to get e-published?

A. Nothing. We will do all the editing and publishing at no charge to the author. In addition, Morgan Online Media will also market and distribute our titles at no additional cost to the author.


Q. How much will I get paid?

A. Authors will be paid a percentage of every e-book that sells. For instance, if an e-book title sells for $5.99, the author will receive a royalty of $1.00 for every copy sold for the first 50 copies. Once a title exceeds 50 sales, it becomes a best-seller and the author’s royalty doubles to $2.00 for every copy sold thereafter, a very generous 33 percent.


Q. When do authors get paid?

A. Authors will receive their royalty check within 60 days of the date of sale or may choose to be paid via PayPal.


Q. I just downloaded one of your e-books but now I can't find it again. Where is it?

A. It may be stored in your computer's downloads folder. When you purchase a title, the PDF file begins downloading in a web browser window. Remember to save the file to your hard drive as a PDF or you may have trouble finding it again. Please contact us at if you have trouble downloading our files.


Q. How is an e-book different from a blog?

A. Web logs or blogs are typically unedited journals, essays or opinions. E-books are just like books: complete stories with plots, a beginning, middle and end, and are edited to improve grammar, style and overall presentation. Story series that span multiple books are encouraged, but nobody wants to buy an incomplete book that's only a few chapters long.


Q. How are you different than other publishers? Why should I e-publish through you, rather than a traditional publishing company?

A. As a micro publisher, Morgan Online Media is able to adapt to the rapidly changing publishing landscape. A traditional book publisher must justify the expense of printing, warehousing and distributing a new title, making it far less likely to publish work from new and unknown authors. Our mission is to provide a venue to help new authors get discovered.


Q. Will my book ever be printed in a traditional fashion?

A. If a title sells enough electronic copies, it may be considered for broader distribution, including paperback or hardcover via print-on-demand services. Morgan Online Media holds the copyright to all its e-publications and retains the option to publish in different media, including traditional printing. Authors considered for publication in other formats beyond an e-book will be contacted prior to such publication and must agree to a new contract.


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